Planning a #Popecation during the #Popepacalypse

Have you heard? The Pope is coming!

It feels like news outlets have been talking about Pope Francis coming to Philadelphia every second for the last 301 days, 13 hours, 39 minutes (you get the jist). The Popepacalypse is upon us and just next weekend thousands or millions, Philly isn't quite sure yet, of people will be descending into the city. I'll be on my Popecation from work, holed up with some milk, eggs, bread, alcohol and Netflix (who are we kidding, GrubHub will be my bestie that weekend). During that three day weekend, I will be venturing out for a few key events. 


Private Pope Crawl

Like me, you should round up a few of your friends and throw your own Pope Pub Crawl. You may want to also get one of these snazzy shirts to indicate your love of both the Pope and Philly:

You can visit the original P.O.P.E. and make your way down East Passyunk, avoiding the crowds. Or maybe you wan't to be in the middle of it all, in which case...



Pope Crawl 2015

There's a massive Pope crawl scheduled for September 26th at 11 am. Currently there are 9,000+ people RSVP'd on Facebook. You can find the event here.  Ticket sales will be donated to Phillabundence so your drinking will be for a good cause!  The Pope Crawl will be stopping at a variety of bars including Cavanaugh's  Rittenhouse (please get the wings for me!), Ladder 15 (and the truffle fries!), and Tavern on Broad (and a beer tower to wash it all down with!). I suggest following the Facebook page to get the most up to date information as this event approaches. 



So maybe you're looking for something less alcohol heavy -- well the PopeRide is right up your ally! With the city being mostly shut down and traffic being restricted inside a large area of Center City, a Pope bike ride has been scheduled, allowing Philadelphians to ride on streets that typically would be packed with traffic.  Starting at 30th street station and ending at the Liberty Bell, this ~7 mile bike ride will meander its way across Philly.  The route can be found here




"The Last Supper" at P.O.P.E. 

So you want some beer but you don't want to have to move around to get it? Well, here is a perfect fit for you my friend. This is occurring on 9/24 and will be featuring beer from Founder's, which I can certainly get behind. In addition, P.O.P.E. will have Pope themed kegs all week and fun t-shirts available if you didn't take me up on my first t-shirt suggestion!


So, whats its going to be? I know I'll be hitting up a few of these events if I am feeling brave enough to fight the crowds. It should be a great weekend for people watching and exploring the city with very little traffic.